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TRANSLATION EDITORS: Süha Aydın, Tamer Akça and their friends
Adana Nobel Medicine Bookstore, Mersin 2002


Although there is a vast archive in the field of Medicine today, the main language of this archive is English. Because; To follow the literature in the field of medicine, it has become necessary to have a good command of English. However, it is also important to create a large archive written in our Turkish.

It is really difficult to use Turkish correctly and effectively in the field of medicine. It requires careful and systematic work. Experts state that a person can only think clearly and in his/her native language. If it is not clear and concise in thought, it cannot be clear in expression.

This rule is valid in medical education, as in every field of education and training. Medical education provided in a language invaded by foreign words and foreign terms will be incomplete and complex. Language is both the building block and the tool of thought. Because; We wanted to translate the book we have into Turkish. This translation contains up-to-date and intense information due to the topics it covers. This work, which was introduced to our language in a short time in a newly established faculty, will fill an important gap.


1. General Care of Patients 2. Nutrition 3. Life Support 4. Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid Base Disorders 5. Hemostasis and Transfusion Therapy 6. Anesthesia 7. Peroperative Care 8. Care of Surgical Tubes and Drains 9. Wound Healing and Care 10. Critical Patient Care 11. Evaluation of Acute Abdominal Diseases 12. Esophagus 13. Stomach 14. Small Intestine 15. Appendix and its Diseases 16. Colon, Rectum and Anus 17. Pancreas 18. Liver and Bile Duct Diseases 19 . Spleen 20. Laparoscopic Surgery 21. Special Problems in Gastroenterology 22. Occlusive Artery Diseases 23. Aneurysmal Artery Diseases 24. Venous Diseases and Lymphedema 25. Vascular Access 26. Endocrine Surgery 27. Trauma 28. Transplantation 29. Burns 30. Soft Tissue and Skin Tumors 31. Hernias 32. Breast Surgery 33. Head and Neck Surgery 34. Plastic and Hand Surgery 35. Cardiac Surgery 36. General Thoracic Surgery 37. Pediatric Surgery 38. Neurosurgical Emergencies 39. Muscular and Skeletal Traumas 40. Urological Surgery 41. Obstetric and Gynecological Surgery 42. Common Surgical Problems 43. Frequently Used Formulas

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