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Prof. Dr. Tamer Akça İzmir Meme ve Endokrin Cerrahisi

What is Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (SHPT)?

Secondary hyperparathyroidism is a parathyroid dysfunction that usually occurs in patients with chronic renal failure .

However, it may also occur in those with inadequate calcium or vitamin D intake or insufficient calcium absorption from the intestine .

Calcium is usually normal or low in patients with chronic renal failure.

Prof. Dr. Tamer Akça İzmir Meme ve Endokrin Cerrahisi

How is Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) Treated?

Since the development of calcium supplements, the need for parathyroid surgery has decreased.

Parathyroid surgeries can generally provide a 5-year improvement in laboratory values.

It has also been shown to improve bone density, fracture risk, calcinosis, hemoglobin levels, and even long-term survival rates .

There is no consensus on the circumstances in which parathyroid surgery ( parathyroidectomy ) should be performed.​

Yet traditionally;

bone pain,


Calcium-phosphate product being over 70,

Blood calcium levels are above 11 mg/dL while parathormone levels are very high,


Having progressive kidney-related bone problems,

Surgery is recommended when there is calcium accumulation in soft tissues despite intensive drug treatment.

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