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Boyun paratiroid

Parathyroid and Parathormone

Prof. Dr. Tamer Akça İzmir Meme ve Endokrin Cerrahisi

What is Parathyroid? What does it do?

Parathyroid tissue, located behind the thyroid tissue, secretes a hormone (parathormone) that regulates the calcium level in the blood .

Most people have four parathyroid glands.

Normal parathyroid glands appear golden yellow-light brown in adults. They are usually adjacent to thyroid tissue.

Their size is approximately 7 mm. is up to Each piece of parathyroid tissue weighs approximately 40 to 50 mg .


What is Parathormone? What does it do?

PTH secreted from parathyroids; It functions to regulate calcium levels through its effects on three target organs: bone, kidney and intestine .

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