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Questions and Answers You Are Afraid to Ask

Editors: Süha Aydın, Tamer Akça
Adana Nobel Bookstore, Mersin 2007


In this book; You will find detailed and up-to-date information about breast cancer, which is a nightmare for women today, based on scientific foundations, written in as clear a language as possible and separated from medical terms by specialist physicians, and enriched with photographs.

The book begins with a section explaining the complaints that occur in breast diseases and continues by explaining who is at risk for breast cancer. This is followed by a detailed description with photographs of breast self-examination, which every healthy woman must know and perform. Following the sections that answer your questions about radiological methods and biopsy methods used in the diagnosis and treatment phase; Frequently asked questions about surgical treatment methods and drug treatment. The book continues with sections explaining radiation therapy and nuclear medicine applications, and then includes information on arm use after surgery.

The section that examines the psychology of both the patient and the patient's relatives is followed by the section where the new breast alternatives offered to women who have had their breasts removed are presented with photographs. Finally, the section describing the nursing services provided to the patient undergoing breast surgery ends with a breast cancer patient telling her own story.



1. What are the complaints and diagnostic methods that lead to admission to breast polyclinics? 2. What are the Risks for Breast Cancer? How is Risk Calculated, How Important is Calculating Risk? 3. What is a Breast Screening Program and How to Perform Breast Self-Examination? 4. How is Imaging Done in Breast Cancer? 5. What are the Biopsy Methods in Breast Cancer? 6. What are the Surgical Treatment Options for Breast Cancer? 7. How is Drug Treatment Done in Breast Cancer? 8. How is Radiotherapy (Ray Therapy) Done in Breast Cancer? 9. What are the Applications of Nuclear Medicine in Breast Cancer? 10. Breast Cancer and Psychiatry 11. Use of the Arm and Exercise Program After Breast Surgery 12. Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer 13. What is Nursing Care for Patients with Breast Cancer? 14. And A Story From Life: No More Needless Suffering: Seval Çelik (Guest Writer)

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