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Editors: Tamer Akça, Güldeniz Karadeniz Çakmak, Ali Uğur Emre
Academician Bookstore, Mersin 2020


The General Surgery book, prepared in 2 volumes with the contributions of 122 faculty members from approximately 60 different institutions, contains 75 main headings and approximately 1,000 pages.

"General Surgery", which responds to the need for original Turkish resources that has been lacking in recent years and is supported by hundreds of photographs taken for the book as well as drawings made for the book, is primarily aimed at medical school interns, as well as general practitioners who have just started their profession and assistants who are receiving general surgery specialization training. It also has the feature of being a reference book.

Prepared on the basis of the National Core Training Program in the field of general surgery, the book covers the basic and special topics of general surgery as well as; It will be a competent resource by covering important topics in surgical practice such as operating room traditions/rules, innovative surgery, medical ethics, physician's legal responsibility, radiology, nuclear medicine, pathology, anesthesia, pain management, safe surgery.

Considering the current economic difficulties, the book "General Surgery" is not only available on the shelves as a printed book, but it is also offered for sale in pdf format so that students can easily obtain it, a first in the field of general surgery.

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